Let Food Be Thy Medicine

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In collaboration with the UC San Diego Center for Integrative Nutrition, the Berry Good Food Foundation convenes a panel of experts to discuss the rise of comprehensive medicine and nutritional healing to treat chronic disease and maintain general well-being. [6/2018] [Show ID: 33486]

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62 thoughts on “Let Food Be Thy Medicine

  1. this conversation is everything!!! I healed debilitating depression, anxiety, Fibromyalgia, insomnia, mood disorder & psychosis (that had developed after eating almost nothing but processed foods for 12 years) in 3 months with Functional Medicine. I know a couple who healed her Grave’s disease & his “incurable cancer” with Functional Nutrition. I know someone who healed her supposed “bipolar schizo-effective” disorder she had for 17 years with no improvement with meds with Functional Medicine. Heck yes to Integrative & Naturopathic medicine & Organic Whole Functional Nutrition!!!

    1. @Chris seek JESUS WHILE he can still be found.. stop looking to man and get your wisdom and understanding from GOD.. you must REPENT = STOP,THINK and TURN from your SIN.. if you end your own life, that is self murder and you will die in your SIN and BURN in hell FIRE for ETERNITY..please consider your soul.. read the gospel and HUMBLE YOURSELF and tell GOD that you are wrong and he is right and ask him for the holy spirit to lead you and guide you into all truth!!

  2. I was diagnosed with severe RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) in 2005 when I was 36 years old and told by one of the leading RA specialist in my country at the time that I need to go onto CHEMO to control the symptoms and then make peace with the fact that I will end up in a wheelchair before I turn 50. When I asked him if my problem is related to my diet … he told me not to waste time with “old wives tales”. I ignored his advice and started looking at my diet and learned more about what aggravates my RA …. 16 years later I’m in better shape and more active I’ve ever been.

  3. I am 70+ , male and still working for 8 hours daily. My diet is mostly whole bread, veg + Fruits, meat twice a week, Chicken once a week, River fish when fresh is available. No taking sugar at all. Walk for 40 minutes daily. I controlled my weight as per my height. My B.P remains at 80/110. No Blood sugar problem. I am not using any medicine. having peaceful sleep of 8 hours. I remained grateful and thankful to the Creator for peace around me and always pray for peace for all human beings.

    1. @Zafar Ahmed Butt, (Uncle Ji, What Part Of Pakistan Are You From. If you’re Still Residing in Pakistan Or Wherever I Want to Come & Visit You And Congratulate You For Your Excellent Lifestyle Choices. My Fellow Country Man.

  4. I learned a lot during this video. I even understand everything that they were saying. Everyone did a great job by explaining things in a way that a everyday person could learn .

  5. I absolutely love this! Food is medicine! So wonderful to see so many who actually care about a healthy lifestyle. I wish we all cared about this from a young age.

    1. @ubu booboo any potatoes are..yeah.
      instant may of been compromised, or, the stuff in the ground is the most trustworthy.

    2. Each time I was hit by Covid , a bunch of herbs & spices helped me, my husband and my children to recover. Not medicine. All respect to all herbalists out there and what I’ve learned from them.

  6. Thank goodness the highly kind & sensible man talking about BALANCE gave the perfect last word. I am on day 51 of a fast, that I was able to begin addressing (a 20cm breast lump) after a full year on WHOLE FOOD… no judgement about carbs, organic where budget allowed which wasn’t much, and determination to keep at it… I have 30 more fasting days for this 1st round, a miracle for an unhealthy eater 1yr ago. Whole Truthful Foods gave me back my SENSE OF SELF enough to begin the detox journey. Puritanical anything made me run for the chips, crisps, fried food & cakes faster than any one thing…. Humanness is what we need. No one but God is perfect it has been said. Good Enough is all we need.. perfect coda at the end. Bon voyage to all.

  7. When my child was diagnosed with celiac and t1 diabetes (which I do understand are lifelong), the hospital served her cake the size of her 3 year old face. I couldn’t believe this was a hospital environment. Even the consultant said were sending you home because you’re not going to get her blood sugar down here.
    Through a healthy diet and exercise, and of course insulin injections and gf diet, her glucose is mostly kept in the normal range for years now. But it is truly scary how low down the priority list diet is within typical healthcare settings.

    1. I had to explain to nurses why I didn’t want to eat the high sugar desserts last time I was in hospital.
      Well done!

  8. This was a fantastic Panel! Super informative. As someone who lives in a food desert within one of American’s many Black Communities, it makes me cringe at all the harm being done on so many levels. We have tons of these stores that call themselves “Grocery Stores” that do not sell one single vegetable (!!!). Upon walking into one of these stores all you see are aisles and aisles of potato chips, candy, and cookies. It is so difficult to find any type of vegetable let alone something organic. I feel such a deep concern for our young people. Eating junk has been woven into our culture in the most diabolical way over that past 30 years. Within that same time line you see this astronomical level of learning disabilities, behavioural issues, depression, low energy, obesity, asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, bipolar, autism. Im clear that food is not the sole reason for all the current calamity we currently face, however, I know it is a HUGE foundational cause for much of it. I’m grateful to those that have been really trying to learn and teach about local farming (although that also needs proper supports to ensure that poisons are leaching in there as well), and education around the power of food. This panel has been really motivating. Thank you so much.

    1. I feel horrible for you and that situation, that would be enough to make me move and one is also displaced that way, but primarily slowly killed. Its truly tragic for some.

    2. I live in a rural area in eastern Oregon. Many years ago I met a dentist who had just graduated dental school, came from the Bronx, and he was astonished at the difference in how people lived here than in NYC. Another of the dentists where I worked took him on a tour of orchards and gardens in the area. The new doc said that where he came from you had no idea milk came from a cow, that tomatoes grew on vines, or that apples grew on trees. They came in boxes and cartons and cans. He was thrilled that in a few months he was going to try growing a couple tomato plants. It’s heartbreaking to me that so many have no idea the wonder and delight of fresh foods … and how much better they taste! God’s creation is good. What our science and industry has done to food is heartbreaking. And it’s killing people. Thank you for sharing your story.

    3. @Annika, I agree. I live in a neighborhood I call Hood adjacent. It’s a family street, mostly 50/50 black/white. There used to be a great ethnic grocery store that was mostly middle Eastern but that has closed. Most people don’t have vehicles. Luckily I can pay for food delivery, as it is now $10/delivery. There is not a single real grocery store within 5 miles, maybe more. It shows as the neighborhood kids grow up. It is no doubt due to sugar laden or high fat and low fiber foods.

    4. Ananka, this sounds like you could possibly have a great business opportunity to teach your community about healthy options and provide these healthy options to them. With planning and execution, , these food deserts will be eliminated.

  9. *🍉🍌🥑These lessons needs to be taught at homes, schools and hospitals for a healthy world!🇮🇳💐*

    1. Thanks for sneaking in the India flag. All brahnins do that, always sneakily.

    2. It is NOT difficult, after one month you lose the cravings… anything can become a habit after 30 days!

      You are worth it!

  10. Nutrition and foods that’s heal should be discussed daily during this pandemic. That’s when you know someone care. Thank you for this beautiful video

  11. I love when people can come together and share their stories and expertise to help others live a better and healthy life. It’s sad to see how harmful and toxic products and chemicals are “allowed” at all to be consumed in our food system, knowing what devastating effects it has on our health. All for a lousy dollar! Please inform yourself and demand with your voices and dollars to root out the unhealthy and toxic things in your world.

    1. lousey dollar ..yes……you know what?….most important thing is to do what you can do for yourself ….and if its not too late teach your children too (yourself) ……. the only one you have a better chance of changing is yourself and them.
      …..also be gentle with yourself while on the journey to a healthier body and life …….. this world was this way when you got here……..its not your faught …..but, once a person developes and use their time and inteligence to change their life …..in anyway …great…..congragulate yourself ….. and take it one day at a time……..as we know old habits of any kind are hard to break …….this world or your parents no longer get to choose for you ………..so forgive everybody and stay on your path……. this video was great.

  12. Cutting out sugar and processed foods has transformed my Health so much, this is such an important topic and we should discuss this so much more

    1. Congratulations in taking interest in your personal health. I’m glad you are starting at a young age in watching what you eat. When I was 23, I ate a lot of junkfood and this worsened when I was in a bad marriage. Needless to say, I developed diabetes and a host of other illnesses.

      You are right; we are being lied to…all the time. Even doctors (the ones that work for big pharma), routinely lie to patients in order to sell medicines and procedures. I’ve experienced this personally. So in the future, if you are being suggested medicines by your doctors, do your research first to see if food can fix the issue; if not, then use medicine as a last resort. That being said, one of the best things young people can invest in is organic foods. Health is wealth. And the people that profit from junkfoods are the ones investing in chemicals that are used in junkfoods. Why do you think certain people are billionaires and trillionaires? BTW, food at mcdonalds/pizzahut, etc isn’t real food. Some of it is created in labs.

      So yes, we are being lied to everyday and psychologically manipulated. And those doing that are getting away with it. So here’s some unsollicited advice for you. Hope you don’t mind because I wish someone taught me these things when I was your age 🙂

  13. Powerful video! Wow. I love the perspective of food being our medicine. I am a huge foodie so food has been my pleasure, but recently I’ve been seeing food as fuel for my body because my focus is on having more energy to do things. It’s been really fun and empowering to make my own meals and I am feeling more naturally drawn to doing so. Sometimes it can be overwhelming especially when you go into perfectionist mode to heal your gut for example and that just leads to burn out and falling off the wagon. Watching this video I can tell that this journey will last for generations. So the healthy choices we make now and are able to make a habit out of will be passed on to our descendants who will have that as a foundation to take forward into their own lives. And so on, until our bloodline reaches optimal health/perfection. I am glad to be reminded of that and to really keep that promise to yourself to keep going, no matter how many times you need to hop back on. And I agree, a short period of cold-turkey is really helpful in making that change. So much good stuff, I loved listening to this information! I want a career in nutrition because I have always loved food and it has been a great tool in my self-healing. It’s amazing that we are so blessed to be able to choose what goes into our bodies, even one small food-swap at a time.

  14. i am so happy to see this channel! i have been very healthy for 80 years. rarely even have a cold. dr. have been amazed. however i have been lucky because i ate way too much sugar. cause i have always been very thin i thought i could get away with it.watching these programs i have stopped almost all sugar. it has been easy to do it because sugary things look like poison to me. my husband bought me usual candy bars this week. they are still sitting in my glove compartment. i am strong willed so i know thats it!

    1. I love this, I decided to quit sugar 2 weeks ago and my energy levels have massively improved.

  15. *Great content ~ wow! I’ll be coming back for continued reference!* 💖
    00:00 ~ Intro
    01:30 ~ Ayurvedic Medicine
    04:24 ~ The Farmacy: Natural Painkillers in Your Kitchen (Grid)
    04:45 ~ 20 Cancer-Fighting Foods
    06:50 ~ U.S. Food System Flaws: Ingredients and Additives (chart)
    13:02 ~ Anti-Inflammatory Foods (chart)
    14:45 ~ Foods for Your Immune System (chart)
    16:55 ~ The Therapeutic Order (chart)
    17:40 ~ Top 11 Foods and Herbs for Prostate Health (chart)
    18:25 ~ Seven Foods That Lower Blood Pressure (chart)
    20:08 ~ Vatta Diet | Pitta Diet | Kapha Diet (Chart)
    20:30 ~ Vedic Taste Chart
    21:05 ~ Six Tastes: Food Synergy Antioxidant Effects of Triphala (chart)
    21:15 ~ Food Synergy: Benefits of Food Combining (chart)
    22:43 ~ Kale, cooked or raw?
    27:07 ~ Medical Food
    28:17 ~ “ALL of the healing foods are plant-based.” ~ Dr. Sheila Patel

  16. I saw this video in queue for 2 days and TODAY was the day that it played and the Lord knows I enjoyed each minute!!! I am implementing this type of lifestyle for myself and my 5-year-old; he loves sauerkraut. He also has food allergies so I am glad to be here! God bless everyone and let’s heal the world!

    1. @nurul monin Hi there! I only get mine from Aldi. It’s German & has no vinegar just water cabbage & salt. Very delicious!!

  17. Thank you Zen for bringing awareness to the issue of toxic load problems in the U.S.A. I also agree with what everyone on the panel is saying. God bless you all

  18. I really appreciate that the panel was variety of people, from scientists who study this subject in a lab to laypeople who more or less had to figure it out on their own. It’s good to have the different perspectives and experiences. Especially to have a sick person on stage who is talking about healing as someone going through the good, the bad , and the ugly and having no real experience or means to begin with. Many times the person advertising these systems has either never been chronically sick, or skips over the healing process and just makes it seem like it was a magical cure-all.

    I do wish they had spent more time (and emphasis) on how to get these foods and how to prioritize them. They briefly touched on the Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen, but I felt like that was being squashed with the “perfection is the only way” mentality. Reality is, many people live in food deserts or have little access to organic food, so giving guidance as to how to find it or what to look for would be good for those who don’t live in SoCal.

    (To be clear, I live 5 miles from a Whole Foods and can get a large variety of organic produce. But prior to living here, my last town’s grocery store had a very limited organic selection on the shelves and a 3 foot wide area of organic produce. That’s it. If I face that in a decent area, what do people in less-affluent areas face when they shop.)

  19. Just the best conversations with a great panel. I’ve been a foodie for many years, a plant based diet with some fish. However they are so right when they mention we cannot be perfect. A truth folks must embrace or they will feel defeated when they lower their bar. I am aware of most of this content but as a writer, i loved how each panelist expressed their parts of the convo. My biggest take-away is the realization that even though i eat pretty clean i have seen myself compromise and now i’m even more determined. The whole convo on hybridized food was so interesting. I know foods are but i learned alot anyway. I esp loved the corn convo. I’ve researched Maize and became obsessed with what i learned and also how the native americans used to soak the corn in milk before cooking it. Now i Must get heirloom corn to plant. I’ll pause here. I feel like a panelist suddenly 🙂 I’ve shared this with my family. tku for a great convo

  20. You all make excellent points in not fearing certain foods, rather educating ourselves on the good foods. Once we understand just how damaging traditional and processed foods can be, we need to move away from fear. I spent several years struggling with an eating disorder where I was actually afraid of what some foods could do to my body.

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