How I save money | Strategy to save money FAST | Money Saving Hacks 2021

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How I save money | Strategy to save money FAST | Money Saving Hacks 2021

How to save money when you don't earn much? Want to know how I saved up RM10K in just 4 months even when i took a pay-cut? Here are some Money Tips for you in 2021! Hope this helps you to save more!

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33 thoughts on “How I save money | Strategy to save money FAST | Money Saving Hacks 2021

  1. I never count my expenses and straight away save more than half of my salary every month. I manage to save 24k within 4months. Because I earn SGD , single, no debt, no car and no house.

  2. Its not easy to save..
    Nowdays, i manage to save and invest 47% of my monthly salary, but when I started, only managed to save 10 to 20 %, the key thing is to expect it to be hard.

    I only wish, i had started saving and investing at a younger age.

  3. reluctant to watch at first but after seeing it pop up on my screen a couple of times, decided to click on it….and seriously, it was good! keep up the good job!

  4. The Global market , has suffered a lot of economical melt down due to the pandemic wave which has brought our Business world and many investors to a great loss, but a lot of small businesses are failing with still high jobless numbers. Yes, some people were able to find new jobs but they also had to take pay cuts compares to their previous jobs which means less money for average people. Right now the market is a bit over inflated due to government stimulus for business, rich and average investors looking to cash in on opportunity as market kept going up. Which is why i still find cryptocurrency investment as one of the best means to make profit daily not by Buying and holding as that is an odd strategy. Expert opinion has always being a guide for me and i have enjoyed the signal service from a few with some losses until i started copying trades alert from Mr David Tyler to mine for the past 6 weeks and i have seen difference in my portfolio. He is an expect trader with 89% trades accuracy. David can be contacted via whatsapp +19133864115 and telegram @TylerDavid9* for more info into profitable trading.

    1. My friends trading with David Tyler’s are still making money even with bullish and bearish, I never knew they were trading their bitcoin to multiply it, while I was holding waiting for it to rise to make profit, Smart decision, but guess what, am joining them.

    2. didn’t know a alot of people know about David Tyler, my interest has only been in the stock investment but was renewed after accumulated 5btc in 6 weeks

    3. I’m glad to have met a post like this about David and I’m thankful cos he has been a huge part of my success story. his strategy is so simple to adapt

    4. it was an honor and a great opportunity for many investors out there that are not opportune enough to benefit in crypto currency, I believe this should be a great chance to take advantage of Mr David and save more this period

  5. In a way this lockdown has saved me a lot of money. No need to spend RM50 for coffee with avocado toast set in some so called instagram worthy place to meet up with friends. No FOMO symptoms as everyone has to stay at home. Transportation cost is nearly nil as company implement WFH, and I’ve downgraded my non contract plan to a pay-as-you-use plan, essentially bringing my mobile bills to less than RM10/mth. Hopefully my company implements WFH permanently, then I can even sell off my car.

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