ASB merosot, masih berbaloi? Patutkah melabur dengan ASB financing pada tahun 2020?

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Pulangan ASB merosot pada 2019 adakah masih berbaloi untuk melabur di ASB melalui ASB financing? Patutkah saya batalkan ASB financing? Macam mana melabur dalam ASB pada tahun 2020 dan dapat untung?

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31 thoughts on “ASB merosot, masih berbaloi? Patutkah melabur dengan ASB financing pada tahun 2020?

  1. very nicely done mr money ! loved how you took the effort to explain it in BM , kudos to you ! and great explanation on asb financing , ive always questioned whether or not to continue with my asb financing. I for one happened to take takaful with my asb financing , do you advice to still continue if i plan to stop financing after 5 years ?

    1. Thanks Abang Ridhwan! Regarding whether to stop takaful that really depends on your risk planning. Question to ask will be if something happens like death, how much asset will you leave behind and is that sufficient for your family. remember to hibah kan your takaful too so it can be distributed according to plan.

  2. terbaik Mr Money,i nak suggest u buat video “cara buat video yg sama mcm video ni”. Ramai youtuber newbie nak belajar cara buat video mcm u buat ni dan software apa yg digunakan. Terima Kasih

  3. I think this financial advice is a good one..lets investors think and decide which instrument is good or better for them to choose from..!👍👍👍

  4. Tuan Mr money..this is very good information…saya seorang pencarum ASB sejak th 1989 Dan sekarang saya Rasa ASB bertambah lembah…saya ingin Tanya secara jujur tentang ASB sebab anda orang cina yg memang Arif tentang kenangan perlukah saya kekal melabur dgn ASB atau sebaliknya…thanks

  5. Banyak2 video pasal asbf, rasanya video ni je yg ade terangkan cons for asbf if dividen less than asbf interest value. Start to watch all your videos to learn more abt smart financing and investment. Thank you

  6. You’re very good at explaining things. Clear and precise. This channel deserves more viewers especially those who seek for financial freedom

    May I know what software you used to make that animation

  7. Mantap Mr Money! Boleh tak explain apakah kebaikan atau kekurangan membayar ansuran pembiayaan asb menggunakan duit sendiri berbanding menggunakan semula dividen drpd pembiayaan asb?

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