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How to verify your COVID-19-related travel documents on the airasia Super App

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34 thoughts on “airasia | Super App Check-in

  1. รักสายการบินแอร์เอเชียที่สุดเลย❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Klw byk nama dlm 1 booking..kene upload cert. Semua org atau 1 nama org yg booking tu sahaja

  3. Didn’t ask me for upload documents while selecting the guest and successfully checked in via app. But boarding pass screen showing blank.
    So I used PC browser and have to download boarding pass from there. A bit buggy. Should be more smooth during check in process.

    1. I use latest iphone , latest laptop spec, latest android . It showing blank. How you download boarding pass in pc browser because it lead to download the app

  4. The app doesnt able to show the book ticket and not able to show the upload function.. it is useless app ! wasting time

    1. actually you don’t need to pay anything for you to check-in.You need to check-in online and at the kiosk show the qr code that you got for printing boarding passes and baggeage tags and proceed to the baggage drop counter if you have a check-in baggage then proceed to the gate.The fee will only be charged in such condition such as late check-in or you just want a different service then other people

  5. For now, memang berjam nak cari requirements for DOMESTIC FLIGHTS, semua tunjuk Travel Requirements towards Oversea-Malaysia. Why so hard to find these info.

  6. I cant check in.. I tried for almost 2 hours but still cant. Whenever I click the CHECK IN button it led me to this FACES system that u just created. I tried it but it never work.

    1. Hi, were you able to check-in successfully? This same error is happening to me when I tried self check in

  7. it’s useless your new Apps it’s very very difficult to check in, always asked me to download, eventhough it’s already downloaded.


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