5 WAYS TO SAVE RM100,000 | How to save RM100,000?【FASTEST WAYS】

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5 WAYS TO SAVE RM100,000 | How to save RM100,000?【FASTEST WAYS】

What are the fastest ways to save your first RM100,000? How can you do it? Is it only through investing in the stock market or properties? Can you achieve your first RM100,000 in the fastest way through the income from your career or business? 🧐

In this video, I will be sharing with you THE 5 PROVEN WAYS OF HOW I SAVE MY FIRST RM100,000 IN THE FASTEST WAYS! 🏆

Join us in this video to find out what are the 5 WAYS! 💡

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41 thoughts on “5 WAYS TO SAVE RM100,000 | How to save RM100,000?【FASTEST WAYS】

  1. How to Save Money Fast

    Start budgeting. Want to hear something cool? …

    Drop entertainment, restaurants and unnecessary shopping. Brace yourself for this one. …

    Evaluate necessary expenses. Spend some time with your budget. …

    Re-examine your bills. …

    Get to work. …

    Offer your services. …

  2. When i started working, it took me 4 years to save RM100,000. I did it by working in an organization with average pay but provides extra benefits like free medical insurance, great travelling, food and accommodation etc allowances.

  3. The way how I made my 1st 100K is through stock market investment for the past few months. I would say it is the biggest achievement in my life especially as an undergraduate student who still has no incoming income and job!

  4. Time to get myself a Honda City! Hahaha!
    Jokes aside, I like that you’ve mentioned doing sales if one does not have a high qualification. Hard work will pay, just keep hustling ^_^

  5. Agree with the most part except for the avoiding debt part. Getting a small loan with a low interest that you can manage can easily be invested and bring higher returns over a few years plus help build your credit score to help get better rates in the future. Bad debts are what’s killing people though when they borrow too much with an interest rate thats too high. Anyways love your videos, you give good financial tips and teach value investing which is rare in Malaysia. Keep it up!

    1. As someone who just graduated and started working for a job and earning RM1k/month, do you think it would be advisable to get a small loan with low interest rate? I do not have a credit card though. I’m trying to learn as much as I can on how to earn money, and have only just started to invest (a week ago through roboadvisors and unit trust). I’d appreciate your response! Thanks!

    2. Iqmal its difficult to get a loan with low interests when your salary is still low, so my suggestion is to just save up first until your job allows you to get a decent credit card.

  6. The “Millionaire Nextdoor” is a good book to start with.. But novice should also read “Automatic Millionaire” by David Bach.. learn about “Latte Factor” how to trim your expenses, learn how to make your investment automatic, learn about dollar cost averaging..
    Don’t focus on acquire Income, focus on acquire Assets. High income just mean paying more taxes.. the rich don’t pay tax because they don’t have income, they have return on investment..
    It’s not the amount that counts, it’s the plan that counts, get an investment plan.. forget about investment link, get an ETF or Mutual funds and start investing automatically.. Be mentally fit and not shaken by economy turmoil.. consistently invest everymonth..
    Another fast track is realestate investment but the good days have ended, forget about it.. cheers

  7. Hi, hope you will discuss in depth on p2p lending situation now as well; Heard so many defaults lately and so someone new to this, i find it tough to invest too.

  8. My first 100k saving is from saving my 30% salary every month and invest it to US stocks. Means i have to disipline myself to save 2500-3000/month just for investment. I still go shopping, traveling etc but i make sure i will save not less than 30%/month. Once u reach your first 100k, the other 100k will be easier to get.

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